This high-powered handheld UVC Blade unit is designed to deactivate bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi in areas where permanently-mounted fixtures are not an option.

The UVC Blade can be plugged into any 120V power outlet, and comes with a shatterproof UVC bulb. The convenient ON/OFF switch operates the unit, and a large handle makes it very portable. It is also quite light at under 5 lbs.

Handheld UVC Blade germicidal devices can be used for cleaning equipment and spaces that are difficult for hard-mounted lights to reach. The long power cord (6') makes it very convenient for spot disinfection of nearly any space.

Handheld UVC Blade


    • Aluminum reflector to maximize UV germicidal irradiation intensity
    • ON/OFF switch
    • Comfortable handle grip
    • 6' long power cord
    • Shatterproof, high-powered UVC light bulb
    • Our highest-powered handheld fixture
    • Quickly disinfect surfaces of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold
    • Easy to carry - under 5 lbs
    • Easy to use - just hold over surface to disinfect
    • Long bulb life and easy to change

    • Laboratories
    • Food service and manufacturing facilities
    • Food storage and packaging
    • Computer and electrical equipment
    • Bathroom handrails
    • Toilet areas
    • Sinks
    • Cell phones
    • Chairs and furniture
    • Door knobs
    • Bed rails
    • Tray tables
    • Mold remediation

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