Our UVC systems are designed to be used in HVAC applications. They are versatile enough to be mounted in various configurations for optimum pass-through air disinfection. They can also be placed near cooling coils and drain pans to reduce microbial growth in high-risk areas.

These systems are used for external installation in commercial/industrial HVAC air handling systems. They are ideal for commercial buildings, industrial facilities, medical/health care facilities, and institutional buildings.

UVC duct cleaning fixtures can be mounted singly, in built-up banks, or in parallel configurations in a variety of locations. They can be mounted near cooling coils and drain pans, or in ductwork, mixed air plenums, and exhaust systems.

The fixtures are also designed for easy, convenient maintenance. The UVC bulb can be changed without unmounting the housing from the ventilation system. A panel provides access to the bulbs from the outside of the duct for convenient replacement.

4-Lamp Industrial UV HVAC Air Sanitizer

  • Benefits:

    • Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by reducing bacteria, viruses, and mold that grow or pass through HVAC systems.
    • Reduced risk of cold, flu, allergies, and other illnesses associated with HVAC units
    • High-output, low mercury bulbs
    • Two-year (17,000) hour guarantee on bulbs
    • Five-year warranty on ballast
    • Reduced energy cost through restored heat transfer and increased net cooling capacity
    • Continuous UVC disinfection of coils and drain pans
    • Ozone-free equipment
    • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Applications

    • Cooling coils
    • Drain pains
    • Commercial/industrial HVAC systems
    • Ductwork
    • Mixed air plenums
    • Exhaust systems

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