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Coronavirus vs. This pandemic

Coronavirus: Covid-19 is a virus that infects people –and has infected (now claimed) so many lives. Precious lives. Young people. Older people. Male. Female. Asian, Native, Black, White, American, and beyond. The virus indeed shows no partiality. Covid doesn’t discriminate. It targets all.

However, when referring to the ‘Pandemic,’ we’re often describing the impact covid has had on individual people, our society, and the world. In every aspect. On every level. From business to education, social to religion. Everyone I know or have heard from in the last year has been affected by the pandemic somehow.

While covid may not discriminate, the pandemic does. Recent studies show this current pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on racial and ethnic minorities.

We’re facing a social dilemma.

In terms of health, Long-standing systemic health and social inequities have put many people from racial and ethnic minority groups at increased risk of dying from COVID-19.

COVID-19‘s cumulative infection and death rates were higher among minority racial and ethnic groups than whites across many states. All studied racial and ethnic groups experienced higher hospitalization. Social distancing factors, social vulnerability, and medical disparities contribute to increased COVID-19 death within minority communities.

In terms of business, the pandemic continues to impact US small businesses at large. However, new data from H&R Block finds its Black-owned business taking the biggest hit:

A survey of nearly 3,000 small businesses found 53% of Black business owners saw their revenue drop by half since the pandemic started. Black business owners also had more difficulties establishing online revenue streams and were subject to more late payment by customers, the survey said.

The truth is, even before the pandemic hit, Black, Hispanic, and Asian-owned businesses were more susceptible to an economic downturn. Minority-owned companies tend to have lower capital levels and more debt, making it difficult to safeguard themselves from unexpected circumstances such as the pandemic. According to a study released in January, almost 1 in 5 Black and Hispanic businesses expected to permanently close their business over in the next three to six months.

Help Black and Minority-owned businesses help improve the local economy.

How can we help keep Minority business owners, their employees, and customers safe? Allow me to introduce one solution: ATMOSPHERE™ by UV Defense. ATMOSPHERE™ is a UVC LED device designed to sanitize indoor air, up to 99.9%. It installs easily inside any HVAC system (new or existing), shines high-intensity UVC light, and destroys pathogens, organisms, contagions in the recirculated air and on surfaces within. ATMOSPHERE™ produces perfectly breathable clean air in public spaces. Where people shop, learn, work and play.

ATMOSPHERE™ Universal protection. For Everyone. Everywhere.

Learn more here:

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