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Why make the switch to LED?

What if we told you that a small change could save you money, benefit the environment, improve productivity, and make your spaces cleaner and safer, would you make that change? There is no question that making a switch to LED lights can have a huge impact and provide long-term benefits for everyone. But if you are asking why? We get it. So, let’s take a deeper look at why you should make this change at home and in your place of business.

1. Money, money, money!

  • There is no doubt that money talks to us all. And if you aren’t using LED bulbs then you are spending more money on your electric bill than you need to be. Energy use is a huge portion of the average family budget, estimated at around $230 billion per year! And that’s just at a residential level. LED lighting offers remarkable energy efficiency, which translates to cost savings for you. When you replace an old incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent bulb with an LED you can expect energy savings from 30%-90%! And that’s money back in your pocket. 1

2. Built for longevity.

  • LED bulbs are long-lasting solid-state devices built to last for 10 years or plus. The average lifespan of a compact fluorescent bulb is about 8,000 hours of use. The average lifespan of an incandescent bulb is around 1,250 hours. While the average lifespan of an LED bulb comes in at around 25,000 hours.1 This means you would need to replace that old incandescent bulb 20 times before you’d replace your LED. Or you would need to replace that CFL 3 times before replacing your LED lights. This has a huge impact on our environment because of less waste not to mention the impact on your pocket.

3. Help the Earth.

  • Because of LED's high efficiency, less energy is wasted. Using more efficient energy reduces your carbon footprint. And LED's longer lifespan helps to slow landfill waste. Not to mention they are mercury-free and contain no hazardous materials. (Mercury vapor can produce harmful effects on the nervous, digestive, and immune systems. It can be corrosive to the skin, eyes, and gastrointestinal tract.)

4. Better quality lighting.

  • Switching from an incandescent to a high-quality LED bulb will provide an immediately noticeable difference. These bulbs can often be dimmed, attached to smart home systems, and are more customizable. Your home or business will have a more polished and/or professional appearance with better lighting. Studies have also shown that poor lighting can reduce employee motivation, make it harder to concentrate, and can be the culprit of workplace incidents. So a small change in lighting could produce higher productivity and happier employees!

If you are asking yourself why UV Defense cares if you switch to LED lighting, we get it. We are a company committed to educating and servicing humanity at large. We are committed to finding solutions to address your needs and solutions that anticipate what is coming around the corner. This is why we are using next-generation UVC LED bulbs in our products. The technology we use is the most sophisticated, durable, and dependable there is. Installation is easy, fast, and affordable, and our 'green' technology means it's better for the environment. Our products are engineered to create germ-free, virus-free environments for your home or business. Contact us today for a quote and to take the first step in a creating a 'greener' and healthier space around you.

1. resource used for statistics and numbers quoted.

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