What is hiding in your air?

Normal operation of any HVAC system can lead to buildup in your air vents and ductwork. These things are then distributed in the air that you are breathing.

So, what exactly is hiding out in the air you are breathing in at home? Or how about at work? Or your favorite restaurant? The answer isn’t pretty.

  • Dust – Unfortunately this is an unavoidable annoyance in our lives. It consists of fibers, minerals, dirt, and dead skin cells. Even though it can’t be avoided, the collection of dust over time can cause clogs in your airflow, inefficient operation, unclean air, and possible health problems.

  • Debris - Things can easily be sucked into air vents and ductwork. This includes leaves, pet hair, soil, and even trash. These things again can cause clogs, but they can also start to break down and spread mold and debris into the air.

  • Mold – Humidity levels in your home or business or even rain can hitch a ride with dust and debris. Air vents and ductwork just so happen to be a great place for mold to start to grow. Mold can be extremely dangerous, especially when inhaled.

  • Allergens – It’s hard to avoid these items being circulated through the air in your home. The environment around us holds a lot of allergens and that can be hard to avoid. It can easily collect in air vents and ductwork and you guessed it get circulated into the air we breathe.

  • Pests – Small pests can also get into air vents and ductwork and leave behind germs and excrement that can be harmful to health or contribute to mold growth.

Ok, so now that we know what gross things are hiding out in the air we breathe you may be thinking what the heck can I do about it. One option is to have your air vents and ductwork cleaned regularly. This keeps them free from all of that debris and junk that collects and keeps pests away. Another option is to be sure to use a high-quality filter and to change it regularly. A clogged and dirty filter isn’t going to be cleaning anything properly. Having your HVAC system regularly serviced by a professional will also help ensure it is functioning properly and that the air it is circulating is healthy.

Might we suggest another option? Our next-generation LED Ultraviolet technology is the smartest purification system on the market today. It delivers all the benefits of UVC—only better, cleaner, and greener. ATMOSPHERE is a UVC LED device designed to sanitize indoor air. It easily installs inside any HVAC system (new or existing) and kills pathogens in recirculated air, up to 99.9%. As air passes by, ATMOSPHERE shines powerful high-intensity UVC light that destroys organic material at a molecular level. How about that for clean air? Stop wondering what is hiding in the air you breathe and know that UV Defense has your air quality covered.

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