What Can Businesses Do To Safely Reopen?

Dear Business Owners, Property Developers/Managers and Architects, The name of the game, in these post covid days, is improving indoor air quality. Especially in the workplace. A January 2021 independent survey found that “specific to COVID-19, 31% of workers said updates to air quality systems were critical to their feeling safer in returning to work”. So, it’s safe to say, people are thinking, “is it really safe to return to the workplace?”

HVAC systems are a blessing and a curse. They make us comfortable by keeping the air moving and by regulating room temperature, but there’s a dark side: their ability to recycle air that has been contaminated by pathogens. Did you know, you can literally sneeze on someone from ‘across the room’? (Or worst yet, be sneezed ON?) It’s true. Water droplets can be caught up and redistributed throughout the building via the HVAC ductwork. It happens every day. All the time. Everywhere.

The CDC has recently indicated that it’s not the surfaces we touch, but the air we breathe that poses the true threat. That’s why we wear masks. Practice social distancing. Get vaccinated.

Good news: there’s another layer, a better layer, of protection we can implement. It’s called ‘Atmosphere’ by UV Defense. Atmosphere is a UVC LED device that is installed inside any HVAC system (new or existing) to sanitize indoor air, up to 99%. As the air passes by, Atmosphere shines powerful high intensity UVC light that destroys organic material at a molecular level, rendering it unable to infect people. Good for everyone. Young and old.

You no longer need to worry that germs, bacteria, and mold are being spread around your workplace or place of business by the central air system. Protect workers and loyal customers alike. Install Atmosphere for perfectly breathable clean air. Your people will thank you.

UV Defense

For Everyone. Everywhere.

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