UVC LEDs vs. Fluorescent UV lamps: What’s the Difference?

You've heard about UV in the news. You learned that UVC light sanitizes air, purifies water, and disinfects surfaces. Perhaps you're considering installing UVC in your HVAC, or you're looking for a UV water treatment solution. There are two approaches to creating UVC light. Traditionally, mercury-based systems were the only available option for generating UVC. Today, there are next-generation UVC LEDs available on the market that boast new and better features overall. If both solutions create UVC light, this may leave you wondering, what's the difference?

Both technologies create UVC light, scientifically proven to destroy pathogens in air, water, and surfaces. Mercury-based fluorescent systems tend to be unreliable, power-hungry, bulky, toxic, dirty for the planet, and require more maintenance. UVC LEDs are cleaner, greener, reach further, and last longer. That’s the difference.

Time to update outdated systems. The future of UV is now.

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