UV Defense. For Everyone. Everywhere.

Updated: Jul 16

Hi, my name is John Boggs, President of UV Defense. Our company believes UVC LED technology can make the world a better, safer place. For everyone. Everywhere.

IT’S A FACT, UVC light has been used to sanitize the air, purify water, and disinfect surfaces for decades. But now, we no longer need to use fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury gas, consume excessive amounts of power, and shatter easily to get germicidal UVC light. The type of light needed to kill viruses, germs, mold, and bacteria. Today, we have a cleaner solution that is greener, reaches further, and lasts longer. It’s the future of UV, known as UVC LED.

Our cutting-edge UVC LED products thoroughly sanitize, purify and disinfect up to 99.99%, and they solve the problems introduced by traditional cleaning methods. No chemicals. No toxic metals. No heat. Just, lower cost to operate. Longer life expectancy. Less maintenance overall.

Everyone knows the conventional lighting in the world around us is changing over to solid-state LED. The same is true with UV lighting. UVC LEDs are the logical next step and evolution of UV lighting – in every area of application. Commercial, industrial and residential; for air, water, and surfaces.

When you’re in the market for UVC, remember, UV Defense, we’re for everyone, everywhere.

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