Reopening America: Take a deep breath

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

COVID-19 is the great equalizer. It cuts across all demographics regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, wealth or political affiliations. We are all susceptible. One thing is for certain, to make our return to normal happen safely, we all need to act responsibly and be part of the solution. Whether we as individuals stick to the protocols we’re doing now such as washing our hands or keeping a safe distance from one another, or as businesses employ state-of-the-art technology to help keep the air we breathe clean—there’s a lot we can do to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as we move together into the great unknown.

Our desire, our demand to return to normal, might mean we have to create a ‘new’ normal. What this is and how we go about figuring it out is the question. It’s gonna happen, so, let’s try to get it right. We all know the basics about washing hands and social distancing, but is there something more we can do? We think so.

What about the air?

After cleaning our bodies, cleaning the surfaces, and staying in our homes or hiding safely behind masks when we venture out—it’s time we look to solutions that can clean the air we breathe. As we move from environment to environment, we want to know that it’s safe. Cleaning the air in our homes and in the workplace, isn’t as difficult as it sounds. And the solution lies in UV.

UV (ultraviolet light) kills 99.9% of airborne viruses and pathogens, including lucky number COVID-19. Simply by installing a UV germicidal bulb inside practically any existing HVAC system or ductwork, the air we breathe will be purified, and pathogen-free. Companies such as AUV Defense, offers a host of UV solutions that clean the air anywhere you want to, 24/7/365.

So, How Does it Work?

Lightwaves. UVC (Ultraviolet C range of the spectrum) is the most powerful disinfectant we know of. It destroys the nucleic acids of 99.9% of viruses and pathogens in the air, thereby disrupting their DNA and leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. That means they die, and we have clean air. Even the air we share with one another.

While America re-opens, let’s do what we can to keep the air clean, and take a deep breath as we usher in a new normal, and a new clean.

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