Reopening America: 'Next Level UVC LED Technology' to the Rescue

Updated: May 15, 2021

Reopening America: ‘Next Level UVC LED Technology’ to the Rescue

Here's the situation, businesses everywhere are reopening their doors to people who are understandably concerned about the quality of the indoor air. These are people like you and me. They are people who get up and go to work each day. People out there to play, dine, and be entertained. They are your essential employees, your loyal customers, and your valued guests. They are real-life people.

How can we address their concern, and what can business owners do to reopen post-COVID safely? Especially when the CDC has now indicated, it's not the surfaces we touch but the air we breathe that poses the actual threat. So, we wear masks. Socially distance. Get vaccinated.

But, good news, there's another layer of protection we can implement to make interior spaces safer for everyone. It's called ATMOSPHERE™ by UV Defense.

ATMOSPHERE™ is a UVC LED device designed to sanitize indoor air. It easily installs inside any HVAC system (new or existing) and kills pathogens in recirculated air, up to 99.9%. As air passes by, ATMOSPHERE™ shines powerful high-intensity UVC light that destroys organic material at a molecular level, rendering it unable to infect people. Good news for everyone. Young and old.

ATMOSPHERE™ integrates Next Level UVC LED Technology that's cleaner and greener, reaches further, and lasts longer. It's better for the planet and people compared to outdated mercury-based fluorescent bulbs.

The future of clean air. Today.

How can you know if a business near you has ATMOSPHERE™ installed at their location? Look for our sticker in the window. Ask about UV Defense and the game-changing benefits of UVC LEDs keeping us safe from viruses, bacteria, and mold in the air.

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