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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

For nearly a century and a half, ultraviolet radiation, specifically the UVC wavelength, has been used routinely and extensively to sterilize and disinfect surgical instruments, operating rooms, and entire workplaces in the healthcare industry. It has also been used to disinfect factories, airplanes, buses and other areas frequented by numerous people. It’s trusted technology. It works.

In short, UVC is a proven technology with a germicidal effectiveness that has been demonstrated numerous times in a broad variety of settings for a very long time. UV isn’t something we’ve invented, as much as it is something we’ve harnessed. And in doing so, we’ve been able to invent all manner of devices that help to make our environments safer.

What is ultraviolet light anyway

The ultraviolet range of light is typically broken down into three ranges of wavelength comprising UVA, UVB and UVC. Although the sun is the greatest source of all ultraviolet radiation, very little UVC and little UVB ever reach the earth’s surface because they are filtered out primarily by the ozone layer in our atmosphere. And that’s good, because UVB and UVC are extremely damaging to DNA, not to mention your skin, which would be toast in minutes.

How harnessed UV can help during a pandemic.

When we harness the powerful, naturally occurring UVC radiation—we can fight pathogens on surfaces and also in the air we breathe. Think of UV radiation properly used as a germicidal maniac with unmatched precision. At specific wavelengths, it kills all the bad stuff, and leaves everything else, standing.

UVC is an effective germicide even when other disinfection methods fail. For instance, there are many protozoa that are present in our water supplies that are not killed by chlorination or other safe chemical disinfectants. These microscopic creatures, like amoeba, can be eradicated simply by being exposed to a beam of UVC. Beam me up Scotty. So, when we use this same approach on airborne pathogens, and air passes through a beam of UVC light—99.9% of airborne disease agents, including COVID-19 are eliminated.

The future looks promising.

Today, more and more businesses are using UV technology to ensure the air we breathe is safer, but we can also use this time-proven technology in our houses of worship, schools, restaurants and most importantly, our homes. We can’t always control what the cat drags in (or the dog, the mail, the market or the kids for that matter), but we know one thing for certain – spending more time at home means we might want to look to doing all we can to ensure the air we’re breathing is safe.

Safer today. Safer tomorrow.

We’ve got the technology. It’s a new world, with new SOP. UV Defense is here for you, ready to help you protect your loved ones and your customers with real, time-tested technologies to keep you safe at work and at home.

UV Defense offers a full range of UVC based solutions that will rid the air of dangerous pathogens, including COVID 19. Visit our website to learn how the UV Defense can be used with your existing HVAC system and ductwork. Contact UV Defense for More Information: CLICK HERE

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