Germaphobe Much? UV Products to the Rescue!

The innovative use of ultraviolet light and in particular, the use of UVC to disinfect all sorts of things is popping up everywhere, it seems. Newsflash: UVC light has the ability to kill pathogens by disrupting their DNA and rendering the pathogen incapable of replicating and infecting its hosts.

A quick search online reveals all manner of products promising the level of sterilization only UV delivers. Everything from UV phone cases for disinfecting your cell phone, UV sterilizing cabinets for home use, UV sterilizing wands to wave over surfaces that need disinfecting, UV toothbrush sanitizers, and even robots equipped with UVC generators to disinfect factories, grocery stores, and hospitals. It’s no surprise that PhoneSoap’s UV sanitizer and charging station is selling like hot cakes (with thousands of positive reviews to boot). It might not get rid of your computer viruses but it will kill 99.9% of any pathogen that touches it.

At the enterprise level, Texas-based Xenex recently started offering the LightStrike robot (made in Japan by medical equipment maker Terumo at $140,000 a pop). The robot emits UV light of wavelengths between 200 and 315 nanometers, known as UVC which is the germicidal wavelength in the UV spectrum. It can decontaminate beds, doorknobs and other surfaces as it moves through a room, eliminating 99.9% of COVID-19 (even from masks). It’s been used in hospitals for years in the Asian markets and is now deployed in more than 500 facilities worldwide. According to Xenex, UV technology has even been used against multidrug-resistant bacteria and even the Ebola virus. With COVID-19, it’s no wonder that sales have skyrocketed.

What today’s UV innovations means for us

A great deal of innovation is taking place right now. And just as the adage goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”; and the necessity to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned an ever-growing number of new UV based products. That’s where we come in. Air Defense UV has as a host of UV products designed to clean everything from surfaces to the air we breathe. Our UVC-emitting bulbs are capable of killing 99.9% of airborne pathogens. That’s something to write home about.

So, how does UV work? In a nutshell, ultraviolet radiation damages the pathogens that damage us. UV virtually disarms them, so they can’t function. As a result, they can’t infect a host (that’s you and me). Most disinfection protocols focus on sanitizing surfaces and objects, but Air Defense UV also addresses pathogens on a broader scale—those that are airborne.

Air Defense UV offers a full range of the best UVC based products in the marketplace. Our ultralight technology is designed to thoroughly disinfect commercial and residential environments. Installation is easy, and can be used in tandem with any existing HVAC unit.

Calling all Germaphobes... Check out our UVC catalog of products on the Air Defense UV website We're here for you.

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