Anyone for clean water?

Updated: May 17

Yes. It’s truly a privilege to have access to clean drinking water. And if it’s suitable for drinking, buddy, you know, you’re going to take that long hot shower, a dip in the pool, fill up those water balloons. Always ready and on-demand. Plenty of ice to go with it if we choose. We have so much fresh water at our disposal that it flows beneath our cities and propels our industries. This is due to our abundant (yet fragile) natural resources and good old human ingenuity on tap.

We should count our collective blessings—Yay for clean water. Did you know there’s an entire infrastructure in place that ensures delivery of our fresh, clean water? I’m sure you did. Just probably never thought about that. Unless you’re in the business of industrial water treatment or environmental systems management, why would you? All most of us know is, we aren’t dying of thirst. Let’s keep it that way.

This is a multifaceted (or ‘fauceted lol) topic. Ranging from protecting our abundant yet highly fragile natural resources to the methods, our national infrastructure policy, and the equipment used to deliver that water all day, every day. Traditional methods of water purification include harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. Today we can utilize Next Level UVC LED Technology to address virtually any water purification need. From the most extensive factory to the water bottle you carry while out on the trail.

The future of clean water. Today.

Our Photon Delivery System™ can be deployed in a multitude of scenarios. 260 nm UVC LEDs kill microorganisms, bacteria, and contaminants in any water. In commercial applications, it keeps water working. At home, it produces better clean water from the tap. Free from infectious contaminants up to 99.9%.

Learn more about PHOTON™ here:

UV Defense

For Everyone. Everywhere.

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