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Inline UVC LED device designed to purify water

‘Next Level UVC Technology’: Cleans, Purifies, and Disinfects up to 99.9%

Our Photon Delivery System™ integrates cutting-edge UVC LEDs that are cleaner and greener than the harsh chemicals and toxic metals typically used in industrial water treatment. UVC LEDs deliver the same 260nm wavelength light needed to kill contaminates, without transferring heat to the liquid being treated. Keeps water viable longer, using less energy.

The future of water treatment. Today.

PHOTON™ for Agriculture, Storage, Machine Cooling/Manufacturing, Drinking Fountains, Commercial Kitchens, Ice Machines, Swimming Pools...


UL, NSF, and ANSI compliant for material safety and lead-free compliance.

PHOTON™ devices never produce ozone, contain no chlorine, and use zero mercury


    • High Intensity UVC LED strips contained within a stainless-steel housing
    • Flow rates available from 5gpm to 480gpm
    • Custom designed solutions for industrial applications
    • 110v and 220v power configurations
    • Easy installation
    • 3-year equipment guarantee
    • 5 to 7-year life expectancy (up to 5x longer than mercury lamps)
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